Protecting Your Diamond

Diamond rings get a lot deal of daily wear, so it is no surprise that stones can become loose from the setting. Snagging, bumping or accidentally dropping a ring on a hard surface can slightly loosen or bend delicate prongs holding diamonds in their place. Fortunately, there are some simple solutions and ways to prevent this problem–and keep your ring as beautiful as the day you bought it. Most commonly, diamonds fall out of their mountings when people hit their rings inadvertently. Some settings are not as sturdy as others, and a stronger bump can knock a stone out of its mounting. Even if your setting is designed to be relatively secure, as is the case with prong and bezel settings, you are not 100% protected. With time, metal wears down, and mounting parts become less durable.

Be Pro-Active & Attentive
To make sure your diamonds are safe, always check and ensure that your diamond is not loose, and be sure to have the prongs checked frequently (every six months) by a jeweler. Have your ring fixed immediately if you find out that your stones are loose. The jeweler will tighten your setting and repair any damage that may cause trouble when you wear your ring. If you are constantly exposed to physical activities, or engage frequently in sports or very rigorous job scope, try to avoid wearing your diamond ring during such occasions.

Prongs & Their Differences
If you have a prong setting, be on the lookout for worn prongs. You should check regularly to see if any of the prongs are bent or broken – especially after you’ve hit your ring – and have them fixed if you spot any damage. Be extra careful if your prongs are made of yellow gold, which is not very durable, and buy rings with white gold or platinum prongs if possible. If you have a ring with invisible-set diamonds, do not wear it when doing any vigorous activity as shaking the ring hard may cause some of the stones to pop out of the mounting. The same goes for rings with inlaid gemstones, which can easily fall off, especially if the glue holding them has gotten old and weak. Be sure to clean your ring often as dirt can not only prevent you from spotting any damage to the setting but also make your ring’s parts wear down faster.