How Do You Make Something Last Forever?

Three sons, three generations, three values. Every engagement ring and fine jewellery piece that bears our name is inspired by the desire to create something lasting together, the lessons our father taught us, and these stories that have endured from over 40 years ago.

Our story is a story of love.

Of a boy for his father following in the family trade crafting precious metal regalia for sultans and royals.

Of that boy, now a man, for the young woman who would be his wife.

Of their sons who, seeing how devoted they were to each other, followed their footsteps with strong, loving unions of their own.

Of three sons for their father, honouring his most cherished values of family, trust, and—above all—love, with a lasting tribute to his legacy, the Michael Trio company.

Every love has a story

Make yours one that stands the test of time.

How we conduct our business makes it possible for us to make a quality jewellery piece faster and at a lower cost, efficiencies we pass on to you and that you benefit from.

When High Standards Meet Sincere Paragmatism

We make our own jewellery, which means we do not stock large inventories, nor are subject to the prices and timetables of third party producers

Love Doesn't Have To Wait

Jewellery retailers are able to furnish an engagement ring with little to no custom work in three to six months. We are proud to say that customising an engagement ring for you may take as little as one month. You may customise online or let our consultants guide you in-store. Either way, our team of designers assure that your preferences are executed with care.

Or Sacrifice

Our diamond stones are competitively priced at 20 to 40 per cent less than others on the market. This does not mean they are of lesser quality. On the contrary, we provide better quality for your investment and reduce traditionally high mark-ups for three reasons: one, we make our own jewellery; two, we do not have too many stores to operate and maintain; and three, we do not let you carry the extra cost of a middleman because there is no middleman.

We make exceptional craftsmanship, service, and quality available at a remarkable price.

Many of the advantages we have as makers of fine jewellery lie in how our father began his business designing and crafting medallions for sultans and other royals.

Passing skills and lessons perfected over 40 years down to our generation, this invaluable expertise serves as the foundation for Michael Trio. Our gemstone and precious metal selection process is rigorous. Our level of craftsmanship is fine to the last detail.

One might even say that every jewellery piece is simply, literally, fit for royalty.