Gemstones Education

Gemstones Introduction

What Are Gemstones?

gemstone is a piece of mineral crystal which, in cut and polished form, is used to make jewelry or other adornments.

Gemstone Characteristics

All Gemstones are translucent with fine colour in their purest forms. Most of them hover around 7 to 9 on Mohs Hardness Scale

Gemstones Quality Factors

Gemstones do not have a official grading system like diamonds but we can still determine its value based on the grading system for diamonds.

Gemstone Quality Factors

The quality and the value of the gemstones determined based a few factors

Gemstone Colour

Colour of the gemstone is easily the most defining quality. Gemstones with clear, saturated and intense colour are the more preferred ones.

Gemstone Clarity

Gemstones contain traces of other minerals. These are called inclusions. Inclusions significantly affects the gem’s clarity and price

Gemstone Carat

The weight of the gemstone is measured in carats and diameter size in millimetres. Stones have different density despite the same weight. Therefore, there is a difference in value.

Gemstone Cut

The cut of a gemstone refers to its facet arrangement, proportions, and shape. There are two basic kinds of gem cuts: The smooth rounded top Cabochon cut and the light reflecting Faceted cut.

Gemstone Types

Explore all the types of gemstones that we have to offer below.


The Gem of the Royals

Derived from the Greek word Sappheiros, this gem worn and coveted by the royalty. Known for their brilliant shade of blue, this gem is a symbol of nobility, trust and sincerity. The birthstone of September and famously given to Princess Diana as an engagement ring from Prince Charles. Explore this gem and its stunning shades of blue for yourself.

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King of the Gems

Derived from the latin word for red, ruber, this gem is the symbol of nobility, royalty, love, passion, fire and power. In the ancient language of Sanskrit, it is called ‘Ratnaraj’ which literally means ‘king of precious gemstones’. July’s Birthstone and worn by Burmese warriors for protection and strength, This gem is unparalleled in attractiveness. Explore the king of gems right here.

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The Elegant and Exquisite

With its name coming from Smaragdus, the latin word for Emerald, this gem is beloved by the Egyptian Queen Cleopatra. Believed to endow the user with the ability of future sight when placed under the tongue, this gem is the birthstone of May, and it symbolises new spring growth. Explore this exquisite gem right here.

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The Purple Princess

Derived from the greek word Amethystos, which mean ‘not intoxicated’. This gem is often associated with the Greek God of Wine, Dionysus, and it is said to help the wearer prevent drunkenness. The birthstone of February, it is believed help the wearer stay quick-witted and focused. Explore this uniquely beautiful gem right here

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Emerald by day, Ruby by night.

Named after Czar Alexander II, this gem is associated with love and fortune. With its ability to colour change under different lightings, it is often described as “Emerald by day, Ruby by night.” Originally discovered in Ural Mountains, Russia, it is now very rare due to scarcity. It is the birthstone of June, alongside Pearl and Moonstone. Explore this unique colour changing gem right here

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The Sailor’s Gem

Derived from the latin word Aqua Marina, which means sea water because of its colour resemblance. It is called the sailor’s gem by Greeks and Romans as it is believed to ensure safe passage across stormy seas. Birthstone of March, this gem is said to reawaken love within marriages and invincibility back in medieval times. Explore this gem and its calming colours for yourself.

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The Modern Gem

Named after J.P. Morgan, one of the greatest financiers in history, this gem has a very unique salmon colour. It is only discovered in Madagascar back in the 1910s. It comes in various shades of pink and has become very popular over the years. Explore this timeless gem and its shades of pink right here.

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The Brilliant

Topaz is named after Topazios, the old Greek name for a small island in the Red Sea. It can also mean fire in Sanskrit. This gem is believed to be able go break magic spells and dispel anger. Birthstone of November, it comes in a large variety of different colours from pink, orange to blue as well. Explore the gems’ large variety of colour right here

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Treasure of Tanzania

Discovered in 1967, this gem is named after the location it originated from, Tanzania. This pleochroic gem will display three distinct colours when tilted in 3 different directions. Its violet blueish colour allows it to be on par with the other gems despite being new. Explore this gem and its exotic colours right here

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The Black Prince’s Ruby

Often mistaken as Rubies, Spinel are actually on many royal jewellery, famously on England’s Imperial State Crown and The Timur Ruby. It is the treasured property of emperors and kings, often passing through many hands as spoils of war. Explore this beautiful crown gem right here.

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The Gem of Nobility

Adorned the necks of Egypt’s pharaohs and entombed together as prized possessions in the afterlife, Used as a signet ring to stamp wax on secured documents in Ancient Rome, Garnets have been widely traded and favoured by nobles and clergy. “Carbuncle” is the term often used for red garnets and it is believe to be one of the 4 precious gem given to King Solomon by God. Explore this beautiful gem right here

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The Mesmerizing

Derived from the Sinhalese word, toramalli, which means mixed gems, Tourmaline offers one of the widest colour range among the gems. Loved by the Chinese Dowager Empress Tz’u Hsi for its colour, it is craved into jewellery and snuff bottles in China. This pyroelectric gem is also the Birthstone of October. Explore this gem and its wide range of colours right here.

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