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  • Garnet Education

    Garnet Education

    Overview About Garnet Adorned the necks of Egypt’s pharaohs and entombed together as prized possessions in the afterlife, Used as a signet ring to stamp wax on secured documents in Ancient Rome, Garnets have been widely traded and favoured by nobles and clergy. “Carbuncle” is the term often used for red garnets and it is…

  • Spinel Education

    Spinel Education

    Overview About Spinel Often mistaken as Rubies, Spinel are actually on many royal jewellery, famously on England’s Imperial State Crown and The Timur Ruby. It is the treasured property of emperors and kings, often passing through many hands as spoils of war. Increased demand for ruby alternatives rekindled appreciation the gem’s rich colour. Learn About…

  • Tourmaline Education

    Tourmaline Education

    Overview About Tourmaline Derived from the Sinhalese word, toramalli, which means mixed gems, Tourmaline offers one of the widest colour range among the gems. Loved by the Chinese Dowager Empress Tz’u Hsi for its colour, it is craved into jewellery and snuff bottles in China. This pyroelectric gem is also the Birthstone of October. Explore…

  • Tanzanite Education

    Tanzanite Education

    Overview About Tanzanite Discovered in 1967, this gem is named after the location it originated from, Tanzania. This pleochroic gem will display three distinct colours when tilted in 3 different directions. Its violet blueish colour allows it to be on par with the other gems despite being new. It is only found in one place…

  • What You Need To Know About Topaz Gemstones

    What You Need To Know About Topaz Gemstones

    Topaz, a gem with a rich history and captivating allure, has fascinated humanity for centuries. In this exploration of topaz, we delve into its mesmerising colours, delve into the symbolism it carries, and discover the secrets that make it a cherished gemstone in the world of jewellery. What is Topaz and its Storied History? Having…

  • Morganite Education

    Morganite Education

    Overview About Morganite Named after the famous American financier J.P. Morgan, it was only discovered in 1910s. It is a rose variety of beryl, the same mineral as aquamarine and emerald. It comes in a unique salmon colour which was not common back then. It displays intense red-coloured fluorescence when exposed to X-rays. The largest…

  • Aquamarine Education

    Aquamarine Education

    Overview About Aquamarine Deriving its name from the Latin word for seawater and Aquamarine was said to calm waves and keep sailors safe at sea. Thats why it is called the sailor’s gem. It usually comes in a light pastel greenish blue colour. It is thought to enhance the happiness of marriages. In ancient times,…

  • Alexandrite Education

    Alexandrite Education

    Overview About Alexandrite Name after Czar Alexander II, Emperor of Russia. This gem displays unique characteristics unlike other gems. Found in the Ural Mountains in Russia, the gem displays a different colour under different lightings. A lovely green under fluorescent light (daylight), to a brownish or purplish red under incandescent light from a candle or…

  • Amethyst Education

    Amethyst Education

    Overview About Amethyst Derived from the greek word Amethystos, which mean ‘not intoxicated’. This gem is often associated with the Greek God of Wine, Dionysus, and it is said to help the wearer prevent drunkenness. The birthstone of February, it is believed help the wearer stay quick-witted and focused. Explore this uniquely beautiful gem right…

  • Emerald Education

    Emerald Education

    Overview About Emerald Beloved by the Egyptian Queen Cleopatra, Emerald is a precious gemstone made from a variety of the mineral called beryl. Chromium is the trace element responsible for emerald’s vibrant green. Deriving from the ancient Greek word for green, “Smaragdus”, it is often associated with lush landscapes and represent new spring growth. Wearing…

  • What You Need To Know About Ruby Gemstones

    What You Need To Know About Ruby Gemstones

    Overview About Ruby Ruby, known as the King of Gems, is a precious stone derived from corundum, belonging to the same mineral family as sapphires. Its striking red color, attributed to trace amounts of chromium, makes it highly coveted in the gemstone market. The history of Ruby dates back centuries, revered for its beauty and…

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    Learn how to assess diamond grades according to the industry standards

  • What’s The Ideal Diamond Cuts For You?

    What’s The Ideal Diamond Cuts For You?

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