Learn About Sapphire Gemstone

On the other hand, a Sapphire Gemstone can be found in many different colours except red. However, it is usually commonly associated towards a medium to medium-dark blue tone. Other colours that a Sapphire Gemstone can be found are pink and yellow, among others. 

Along with the Ruby Gemstone, a Sapphire Gemstone also boasts a MOHS rating of 9, which is only behind Diamond, which rates at a perfect 10. This makes a Sapphire jewellery or even a Sapphire engagement ring among the sturdiest precious stones in the world. 

Sapphire is also known as the birthstone for the month of September. Symbolizing strength and faith, the blue Sapphire Gemstone represents a kind heart. In addition, a Sapphire Gemstone represents a promise of honesty, trust and loyalty as well.