Learn About Ruby Gemstone

A Ruby Gemstone is recognized for its deep red colour. As its MOHS rating is a high 9, it is also one of the strongest precious stones in the world. Depending on its origin, the red colour may be between a range of light red to deep red. 

As the default colour of describing passion and powerful love, a Ruby Gemstone makes for a perfect Engagement Ring to propose with. Surreal and opulent, the deep red of a Ruby Gemstone signifies nobility, purity and passion. In addition, it also signifies love, good health and intelligence. Pigeon’s Blood is considered the best colour of a Ruby Gemstone, thus making it highly coveted. 

The phrase “Beauty is in the eye of its beholder” describes precious stones such as the Ruby Gemstone perfectly. While there are many different hues and saturations for the Ruby colour, what is most important is that its beholder appreciates it the most.

Significance of Ruby Gemstone

Did you know? Birthstones are directly related to gemstones as well! Birthstones are gemstones that represent a certain month of the year. In the case of the Ruby gemstone, it is the birthstone of July.