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Find Your Matching Wedding Ring at Michael Trio’s Online Store

Wedding rings portray the magnitude of dedication that is involved in a relationship. It is a memento of your love for your wife, the duties you do for the partner, your promises, and a souvenir of your wedding day. When you see your partner wearing this wedding eternity ring, it reminds you about your commitments towards your spouse when you get married.Michel Trio offers a wide range of wedding ornaments, including Wedding anniversary bands, starring diamonds or other expensive gems circling the finger.

"The wedding ring goes on the ring finger, only finger with a vein that connects to heart"

Besides these traditional options, you might prefer a custom made wedding ring featuring the equal number of diamond meters as a year of your age. For example, if you have crossed 6 years of wedding, you can carve 6 diamonds in your ring. This is much easier at Michael Trio's Jewellery Malaysia, as we offer you to choose the diamond as per your choice and engrave into wedding ring you decide to purchase. We deliver it to as “custom made wedding ring” which your partner will definitely love.

Find wedding rings sets in rose gold, platinum, silver, or other jewellery metals. You can select diamond's shape to find a wedding band that will flawlessly match yourengagement ring. At Michael Trio, you will find Malaysia’s most deliberate and recent designers who are not just perfect but a cut above.

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