Top 10 Most Desired Diamond Shapes in 2024

What are diamond shapes?

Diamond shape refers to the external geometric appearance of a diamond. There are various shapes of natural diamonds and even for lab grown diamonds, and they all vary in price. Learn more about the shapes and find out which diamond suits you the best.

Types of diamond shapes

The Classic

Round Brilliant

The Round Brilliant Cut diamond is by far the most coveted diamond shape. Aside from being the most iconic diamond shape, its cone-shaped structure maximises light refraction through the top of the diamond hence it sparkles brighter than diamonds of any other shapes. A Round Brilliant cut diamond should have 58 facets with 33 facets on the crown and 25 facets on the pavilion. 

The Contemporary


The Princess Cut has four pointed corners and was previously known as a square-cut diamond. This exquisite shape has a similar facet pattern as a Round Brilliant Cut. It gives top brilliance and sparkles more than other square shapes. When opting for a Princess Cut diamond, ensure that the setting protects the four pointed corners. Sophisticated and opulent, the Princess Cut is perfect for a clean and modern look.

The Elegant


The Emerald Cut is easily identified from its rectangular step-cut facets which gives it its unique structure. An Emerald Cut diamond has the same number of facets as a Round Brilliant Cut. However, the nature of the cuts reduces the brilliance of a diamond but makes up for it in the clarity department.

The Romantic


The Heart Cut is a classic symbol of love. The unique shape of a Heart Diamond makes it a sweet choice for the romantic. When selecting a Heart Diamond, symmetry would be a crucial factor to take note of. Ideally, the two halves of the heart should be symmetrical. A Heart Diamond typically has 56-58 facets with 6-8 facets on the pavilion.

The Timeless


The Pear Cut is a timeless vintage cut that combines the best attributes of a Round Brilliant Cut and a Marquise Cut Diamond. A Pear Cut Diamond comes with 3 ratio ranges – 1.30, 1.50 and 1.70. As the ratio gets higher, the diamond will appear to have a longer outline. The optimal ratio for a Pear Cut Diamond is ideally 1.50. However, as with other fancy cuts, the shape is ultimately dependent on personal preference. Similar to a Round Brilliant Cut Diamond, a Pear Cut Diamond has 58 facets.

The Modern


The Radiant Cut is a combination of the Emerald Cut and the Round Brilliant Cut. Created in 1977, this diamond shape is a popular choice for individuals who want the shape of an Emerald Cut but also the brilliance of a Round Brilliant Cut. The Radiant Cut tends to be the preferred choice of cut for fancy coloured diamonds as they capture more rough diamond colour than other cuts. With 70 facets, the Radiant Cut is said to be one of the most brilliant diamond shapes available in the market.

The Unique


The Asscher Cut is a blend of the Princess and Emerald Cut. The Asscher Cut is known for its x-shaped facet that can be seen from the top view. Because of its cropped corners, an Asscher Cut diamond may appear octagonal and show slight colour at the corners. The table of an Asscher Cut Diamond acts as a window into the centre of the diamond. This makes inclusions more apparent to the naked eye and it is therefore important to choose a Diamond that is as flawless as possible when choosing an Asscher Cut Diamond.

The Attractive


The Oval Cut is a modified version of the classic Round Brilliant Cut. This cut attains the brilliance of the Round Brilliant Cut but in a unique shape. Invented in the mid-1900s, the relatively new Oval Cut has proven to be an attractive style as its elongated shape creates the illusion of greater size. An Oval Cut Diamond typically has 58 facets.

The Vintage


The Cushion Cut, also referred to as the Mine or Old Mine Cut, is a classic cut style that was particularly popular in the late 19th and early 20th centuries. The rounded corners give the diamond its soft and romantic appeal. Today, there are two main categories of Cushion Cut Diamonds – standard and modified. The facets would vary depending on the category but a Cushion Cut Diamond is generally known to have 58-64 facets.

The Exquisite


The Marquise Cut has a boat-like elongated elliptical shape. The boat-like shape of a Marquise Cut Diamond compliments the finger and elongated body making it appear larger than its actual carat weight. Similar to a Round Brilliant Cut diamond, the Marquise Cut Diamond has 58 facets but tends to cost less than a Round Brilliant Cut Diamond as there is less rough diamond wastage when cutting the diamond. As with any other fancy cut diamond, the colour and clarity of a Marquise Cut Diamond are the most important qualities that one should look out for when choosing this style of cut.

Why choosing the best diamond shape is important?

It portrays the wearer’s style and taste

Choosing a diamond shape is not just about the physical attributes of the stone but also about matching the diamond to the wearer’s unique personal style and taste. Whether someone leans towards modern, traditional, vintage, unique or minimalist, each shape can portray a distinct character that can resonate with the wearer’s personality. 

The difference in brilliance

The brilliance of the diamond varies depending on its shape. Certain shapes, like the Round Brilliant, maximize sparkle, while others, such as the Emerald shape, emphasize the clarity of the diamond. This difference in brilliance can affect the overall appearance of the diamond on the wearer.

The illusion created on the wearer

When choosing a ring, the shape of the diamond can also influence the illusion created on the wearer’s finger. For instance, elongated shapes like the Oval or Marquise can make fingers appear slimmer or longer. On the other hand, square or round shapes, such as the Princess or Round Brilliant, tend to create a balanced and symmetrical appearance on the finger.

What to consider when choosing a diamond shape?

  • Your Budget: Decide how much you are willing to spend, as different shapes can vary in price.
  • Your Style: Think about your personal taste and what shape reflects your preferences best.
  • The Diamond Setting: Consider the type of setting you prefer, as certain shapes may complement specific settings better than others.

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