Top 10 CNY Gifts: Trending Picks for the Year 2024

Gong xi fa cai!

Chinese New Year is just around the corner, and it’s a great time to start shopping around for thoughtful gifts. With 2024 being the Year of the Dragon, good fortune and wealth are the chief theme for this year’s celebration. Add a meaningful touch to your Chinese New Year gifts by considering jewellery–gifts which possess the attributes of the dragon, namely strength, prosperity, and good luck.

Below, we’ve compiled a list of 10 great CNY accessories to give this Chinese New Year 2024, with consideration for the Year of the Dragon. If you’re shopping around for gift ideas, this list is a great place to start:

Zodiac dragon pendant

This Chinese zodiac pendant is just one of twelve available at Michael Trio–and the dragon is perhaps the most appropriate of them all since this year is the Year of the Dragon!  A symbol of good fortune and prosperity, the dragon is also an intelligent and creative creature. A gift like this zodiac dragon pendant–rendered in beautiful 999 pure gold–is great for any recipients born in the year of the dragon (2012, 2000, 1988, 1976, and so on)! 

Gold earrings

Gold holds a special significance in Chinese culture as a symbol of prosperity and auspiciousness. A gift of gold earrings is a luxuriously thoughtful gift, and a significant gesture that is reserved only for the most cherished and beloved recipient. When gifting a pair of gold earrings, keep in mind the recipient’s style and preferences. This way, you can ensure the gift is not only stylish, but also a cherished part of their collection.

Gold necklaces

Gold necklaces are also a highly favored option for Chinese New Year gifts. In addition to gold coins, a gold necklace makes for an excellent choice. Beyond its traditional significance, a gold necklace is a stylish and trendy accessory to wear on Lunar New Year.

This piece of jewellery is sure to be a welcomed addition to the recipient’s accessory collection, symbolizing not only prosperity and good fortune but also offering a fashionable way to celebrate the event of the Chinese New Year Eve.

Gold coin

A traditional gift in Chinese culture, gold coins represent prosperity and good fortune. It’s a wish for financial success in the recipient’s life. When gifting gold coins, it’s important to give the recipient an even number of coins, as odd numbers are often associated with funerals or death! 

There are numerous coins in that collection, and among them, the gold coin designated for CNY takes on a distinctive form. One of those coins features a design inspired by a koi fish. In Chinese culture, the koi fish is emblematic of abundance and prosperity.Don’t know where to buy the perfect gold coin with 999 pure gold? No worries, Michael Trio has a wide selection of gold coins sure to be the perfect gift for this Chinese New Year in 2024.

Diamond rings

Welcome the spirit of the Year of the Dragon by gifting a diamond ring this Chinese New Year! They can be versatile accessories that add a touch of elegance to any fashion ensemble. In Chinese culture, the circular shape of the ring represents unity and the cycle of life, making for a gesture of wishing the recipient well and manifesting positive energy.

If you’re looking for the perfect ring, Michael Trio carries an extensive collection of rings, masterfully crafted with beautiful designs and options for inset diamonds.

Gold bars

Elevate your gift-giving this Chinese New Year by gifting a gold bar–the very definition of prosperity and good fortune! Gold bars are a revered symbol of wealth and financial success in Chinese culture, making them an especially attractive gift in the Year of the Dragon.

At Michael Trio, you can go the extra mile and opt for a gold bar with a dragon motif. With several intricate and beautifully crafted designs to choose from, you can be sure to select a beautiful gold bar that will be cherished for years to come.

Gold chain

A gold chain can make for a versatile and thoughtful gift this Chinese New Year, as they can be worn on their own or worn in conjunction with other accessories for a cohesive look!

Koi ingot pendant

A symbol of wealth, prosperity, and good fortune, this pendant is thought to represent a person’s journey to success. As a revered symbol of abundance and prosperity, the koi fish adds a touch of elegance to the pendant. Designed with care and craftsmanship, this is an accessory that showcases a stunning representation of the koi fish.

Love Imprint Mini Infinity Diamond Bracelet

Make a statement this Chinese New Year with this infinity bracelet. A symbol of enduring, the infinity sign on a gold bracelet conveys well wishes of prosperity and good fortune and a long life. With a meaningful and thoughtful gift like the Love Imprint Mini Infinity Diamond Bracelet, you can celebrate the enduring bonds that define your friendship with the recipient.


Citrines have great significance in Chinese culture as a symbol of wealth and happiness. Its yellow hue is considered to be auspicious and attractive of wealth and abundance, and is thought to bring positive energy and prosperity. The vibrant, sunny yellow is in Chinese New Year celebrations due to its association with vitality, joy, and positivity. 

A beautiful gemstone like the citrine can make a great gift this Chinese New Year due to its cultural significance and timeless elegance with its vibrant and captivating yellow hues.

As with many holidays, Chinese New Year is a time to get together with loved ones and celebrate, hoping good fortune and well wishes for each other for the upcoming year. May your gift-giving bring warmth, connection, and a year of prosperity. Cheers to the Year of the Dragon!