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Ring Styles

At Michael Trio, we offer almost all types of ring setting designs. If theres a style that you want but is not available, we can custom design a ring just for you.

Below is some of the available ring styles that we carry here at Michael Trio

The Importance of Engagement Ring Styles

Choosing a design for your ideal engagement ring can be a hard decision. Therefore it is important to learn about what types of designs there is and their terminologies. The ring style will definitely affect your wearability, comfort and visual appeal. This will help you make a more informed decision.


Solitaire rings by definition contain only a single, central diamond on the engagement ring as the focal point with no other diamonds adorned on them. It is the most traditional design out of all the engagement ring designs and it can be traced all the way back to the Roman times when diamonds were just mounted onto metal bands. The design is minimalistic and timeless, suitable for any types of diamond.


Based off the French word pavé, which translates to ‘paved’, this jewellery technique was named as such because it resembles a paved or cobblestone road. It features small diamonds along the band of the ring itself. It is very popular choice for engagement rings and wedding bands due to the small diamonds adding more sparkle to the design, breathing more life into the design.


Channel setting is a type of setting where the diamond are set along 2 metal walls on the band like a channel track. The stones are nestled with each other and not separated by anything. This setting provides a form of protection for the diamonds set along the band. It has a clean and modern look to it, making it popular as wedding bands but it can also be a great option for an engagement ring.

Side Stone

Side Stone / Three Stone ring settings consist of 3 stones set on the ring. With two stones set next to the center stones. The stones is used to symbolise and tell the story of the couple together, with the center stone representing the present and the side stones representing the past and future. The symbolism resonates with many couples, making it a more special and meaningful option for an engagement ring.


Vintage engagement rings are made with the style of an older era. It offers a wide range of design from different eras, such as Victorian Era to Edwardian Era to Art Deco Era. Vintage rings usually have diamonds place onto elaborate setting designs, making the diamond seem larger. The unique style of vintage rings makes it an excellent choice if you want something that is timeless and different from others.


The halo setting consist of a center stone with smaller diamonds encircling it. Pavé diamonds are usually used for the surrounding halo. The ring halo is designed in a way that adds more sparkle to the ring and makes the center stone appear larger. The halo style is highly customisable and has been popularise by Kate Middleton, making it a popular choice among many brides.