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  • True Love Story 04 – Love & Differences

    True Love Story 04 – Love & Differences

      “Love is love. It doesn’t matter who we are with, it transcends differences, it transcends labels.” Love conquers all. Facing challenges such as their age gap, cultural differences and a society that is not as ready to accept them yet, Chong Lip and Simon overcame all odds to find their happily ever after.

  • True Love Story 03 – Love & Culture

    True Love Story 03 – Love & Culture

    “If it means I have to sing Hokkien songs all my life, that’s fine”. Fate brought Anabel and Matthew together. Love enabled them to commit to each other despite their cultural differences. This is a love story that goes beyond culture – where differences can easily be seen as complementing and not conflicting. A true…

  • True Love Story 02 – Love & Risks

    A love story that transcends trials and tribulations. Sham had to make a choice – to focus on starting his own business, or starting a family. He thought he had to do this alone, but he never realized that it was a team effort. A team effort between husband & wife. Beyond all the risks…

  • True Love Story 01 – Depression

    The couple that could not be broken apart, because of true love and hard work. Shafiqah struggled with mental health issues in her youth and spent some time in a psychiatric ward. Through self-care and social support, she overcame her own challenges and is now well on her way to recovery. Today, she is also…