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Part-Time/Project Based Hand Model


  • Portray a sense of professionalism such as well-trimmed cuticles, neat or painted nails, hair tied in an orderly fashion (for earring or necklace product shoots).
  • Know how to represent various styles including but not limited to elegant, chic, dainty and classy product designs.
  • Comfortable with different shooting styles, knowing which angles work best for which products eg. bangles and bracelets, rings etc.


  • Prior experience in hand-modelling and working with fashion or jewelry labels preferred.
  • Able to commit for half-day or full-day shoots on projects when required.
  • Open to possibilities of having shoots for earrings and necklaces is a plus.

Retail Sales Executive


  • Provide good customer service and educate customers on products.
  • Attend to customers’ enquiries and feedback.
  • Assist in achieving shop sales target.
  • Manage inventory level and cashiering.
  • General administrative duties.


  • Prior experience in Retail and/or Service industry is an added advantage.
  • Able to work retail hours and weekends.
  • Proficiency in Point of sales (POS) systems and Microsoft outlook/ e-mail.

Digital Communication Specialist


  • Responsible for website performance on different display platforms (browser testing and debugging).
  • Work with web-developer. Understanding of the entire web development process (design, development and deployment).
  • Ensure high-quality visual standards and brand consistency.
  • Monitoring, reporting and determine what features can be introduced to improve user experience. 
  • Conduct research on current and future trends in the industry.
  • Continuous propose/implement practical recommendations to improve how we operate.  


  • Stay up-to-date on emerging technologies.
  • Strong visual sense. The ability to pay attention to details. Understanding of layout aesthetics.
  • Creative, innovative, and sharp critical thinker.
  • The ability to grasp customer needs and consider practical solutions.
  • Highly motivated and proactive.

Application Details

        • Interested candidates should write to [email protected], stating the position. **All positions are based in Singapore.