What Metal Should We Get for Our Wedding Band?

14K, 18K, 24K, white gold, rose gold, yellow gold, platinum, with diamonds, with black rhodium - which?! If you have made your way here after your many research on wedding bands, then you’re probably just a step or two away from getting the perfect ring for you and your partner. Read on to find out just which type(s) of metal is best suitable for your lifestyle and personality, and how you can avoid making the wrong choice!

Whether you’re an avid yoga practitioner or a regular ‘couch-slouch’, the type of metal you pick will have to take your lifestyle into consideration. For the sporty individuals, or those whose work require more running around, platinum wedding rings will definitely be the recommended choice. With its high durability and relatively high scratch resistance, platinum wedding rings are the ideal type for the bold and adventurous. Alternatively, should your job be of a highly rigorous nature, it would still be advisable to remove your wedding band when deemed necessary.


For the less active individuals, you probably have less to worry about in that regard. The question then should be whether you plan on wearing your wedding ring every single day. The standard 18K white, yellow or rose gold may be used on a daily basis, but will definitely require the occasional re-polishing and cleaning. Of course, these metals will have lesser scratch resistance and durability, but will be sufficient for a sedentary lifestyle.

Now comes the fun part- which metal colour do you feel suits you best? Which metal type do you think best reflects your personality? How does it complement your engagement ring, and would you want a matching or, at the very least, something similar in with your man?

If you’re looking for the perfect fit, what better way to make the selection based on the colour of your skin, to find what is compatible, and can bring out your individuality? Contrary to popular belief, some people may even opt for alternative metals that include black rhodium to bring out the zest and character.


Ultimately, apart from the colour that you like, some of the most important factors to take into consideration would be the durability and scratch resistance of the metal, and the best pick that can combine both design and functionality. Head here to check out some wedding bands.