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Wedding rings are a sentiment of love. The circle is the symbol of eternity, with no beginnings or end. Finding our ideal engagement ring is almost as difficult as finding your dream guy. As a piece of jewellery that you’ll wear for the rest of your life, it pays to spend a bit of time finding the perfect wedding ring.

After many weeks of visiting to different jewellers, we finally decided to get our rings Michael Trio ( which offers a wide selection of wedding rings design. Jadon & team are super friendly, they provide professional advice in selection of rings. I took about less than 2 hours to select the design with the help of the staff.

With the huge volume of wedding bands out there, it’s worth narrowing your search on the perfect wedding ring. Here are some tips for you to choose your wedding ring / engagement ring from my experience.



Tip 1. Start Your Search Early
Google is my best friend. I went to Pinterest to look at some of the nicest wedding ring designs so I know what I want. Then I went to a few different jewellers to try on the rings before deciding onMichael Trio. Michael Trio offers wedding bands in white gold, yellow gold and rose gold (18 karat) or platinum to suit a variety of tastes and preference. If you do not have any ideas, fret not. At Michael Trio’s showroom, they have samples of products that you can view to form your ideal design. If you want to customize your wedding rings, you may need more time.


Tip 2. Set a Budget
Discuss with your partner how much would both of you spend on the rings based on your wedding budget. Who is paying for the rings? You, me or both?

Tip 3. Keep Your Lifestyle in Mind
You are going to wear this wedding ring to sleep, to work, to gym etc for the rest of the life, so you have to feel comfortable. Take into account job nature and lifestyle while selecting your ring, to ensure that the ring is not a hindrance to you. If you use your hands quite often for work, look for something simple and avoid gemstones.



Tip 4. Consider How the Rings Will Fit Each Other
Next, if you are going to wear your engagement ring together with your wedding ring like me, think about how the rings will fit each other. For me, my engagement ring has a diamond in the centre which may cause a gap between it and the wedding ring, so I have to choose a ring that will match the ring. It can be a shaped bang or one that interlocks with the stone.



Tip 5. Take Your Time to Try the Rings
Do you want to include diamonds in your wedding ring? A thin or thick band? Do you prefer something simpler or unique? Ask yourself what you want and once you reach the jeweller, try out a range of rings on your hands to see which one do you like most. Narrow down to a few choices and speak to the jeweller, they may give you wise advice. Some rings look pretty but it may not be comfortable. Also, when you finalize on the design, schedule your ring fitting when your body temperature is normal. Never do it in the morning or when you are very hot or cold.

First Design I like – more bling!

Second design I like – this is simpler!

For me, I picked a super bling wedding ring and one with a simpler design. I spent a good hour trying on every ring design that looks good and finally narrowed down to these two. I really love the bling bling one because it looks really classy but I heed the advice from the professional jeweller that it may be more suitable for grand dinners rather than everyday wear, plus it looks too bling when paired with my engagement ring.

Tip 6. Check on Quality
Make sure the rings and diamonds have their quality inspected. Michael Trio has 30 years of manufacturing background; hence they offer a large collection of high quality diamonds with certificates from GIA. Before each order is shipped, every diamond and its certificate are inspected by their graduate gemmologists to ensure compliance. The order will also be carefully inspected one last time to double check the ring size, metal and manufacturing, diamond setting, and top quality workmanship.



What I love about Michael Trio is the choice to customize your own ring design to suit your style and preference. The friendly team of designers will guide you along in your journey of creating something which no one else will have the same. They offer engraving services and couples can choose to have hidden messages/symbols engraved on the inner band of the rings, an intimate secret only known to both of them.

Their customised design services start at a rate of S$1,000 and above. The 3 steps to create the ring includes selecting diamond, choosing setting and completing the ring. The timeline from the process of designing to completion of finished product is approximately 3-6 weeks.

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I am not very picky with my wedding ring, I just wanted a simpler design and I have found my choice from Michael Trio’s showroom. For my fiancé, he is even easier with the design. It only took about a month for our rings to be ready. At Michael Trio, there is no middleman involved hence the savings will be passed on to us (consumers); which enables the purchase of our rings at wholesale prices. You will benefit from the lower prices by having your jewellery created from the very beginning to the end by one company.

In the event that there is ever a problem with your jewellery, just mail it back to their showroom, for inspection and/or repair. They also offer free prong tightening, re-polishing, rhodium plating and cleaning for the life of your fine jewellery. Thank you Michael Trio for giving us such a good quality wedding ring and making the process such a fun one.

Michael Trio Showroom is located at 91 Tanjong Pagar Road Singapore 088512. Please send your enquiries to [email protected] Customers could purchase online at their comforts of their home. Or simply book an appointment with them to view the showroom now!