This Homegrown Custom Jewellery Brand Is Opening Its Second Store In The Heartlands

The homegrown custom jewellery brand Michael Trio is proud to announce the opening of its second brick-and-mortar store at JEM. The first boutique opened in 2014 at Tanjong Pagar Road.

The decision for a second showroom at JEM was an easy choice. Once touted as the Orchard of the west, Jurong East Mall boasts quite a number of retail giants, and is still considered one of the more popular malls despite the decline in retail consumerism.

A Refined Look, A Revamped Image

Designer’s impression of the Jurong East Mall outlet

The new store, situated on the first level (#01-60) boasts of a prime location, with a fresh look. This comes just months after a rebranding campaign for the Michael Trio brand, to revitalize the brand’s core values and communicate the brand’s story with a better voice.

With new colors and a shift in focus for the brand goals and values, the three siblings hope to establish a better understanding of their customers and take on a mentor role to provide the best engagement ring and wedding band consultation service, coupled with the highest product quality assurance. All these, only made possible with the years of experience and expertise in the jewellery industry.

Michael Trio @ JEM will be officially opened on the 18th of May 2019. Store opening hours will be from 11am to 9.30pm daily. Get 10% off all wedding bands and engagement ring settings when you purchase in-store at the Jurong East Mall (JEM) outlet from 18th to 25th May 2019. First 10 customers who make purchases above $1000 at this outlet stand to receive $50 NTUC vouchers! Book an Appointment Now.

Michael Trio’s first showroom was initiated at the heart of its parent company, Royalking. Situated at the industrial estate of Kallang Avenue, the trio of brothers Zen, Stanley and Jadon decided it was best to shift the showroom to a more prime location, for the benefit of the customers. Thus in 2013 the outlet at 91 Tanjong Pagar Road was launched, and the trio have never looked back since.

The Zeng brothers from left: Zen Zeng, Jadon Zeng & Stanley Zeng.

Six years on, and the brothers have decided to take a step in a new direction, venturing into the heartlands of Jurong. “The business model revolved around providing competitive and fairly-priced products for our patrons, but there has been a shift in the way customers shop these days,” Stanley Zeng, the second brother commented.

“Right now, customers tend to place a higher emphasis on convenience but would still prefer to see the actual products in person before making the decision to purchase. Our decision to open a second showroom in the heartlands is to provide this extended accessibility to our patrons living in the west, and remain as closely connected with them as possible.”

With a few numbers of jewellery boutiques already present at the mall, it may come as a surprise for some when one decides to join the competition, but not so for Zen, the eldest amongst the trio. “If a brand has its own unique selling point, and is able to connect on a more personal level with a customer – be it sharing the same values or resonating with the individual – other brands or competition within the same industry won’t really matter.”