Choosing a specific metal for wedding bands is very important. Many individuals believe that conventional yellow gold, silver, or platinum is rough on their skin. While, rose gold gives off a traditional, yet classic look that suits many different skin tones. Furthermore, it goes well with any other accessory and adds a perfect highlight to your outfit.

Rose gold was first used in Russia known as Russian Gold by a distinguished jeweler Carl Faberge. In 1920, United States, rose gold gained popularity and was worn in engagement rings and fine jewelry. Today, rose gold wedding bands are indeed a unique choice compared to the more common types of white and yellow gold wedding bands.

Rose gold is a mixture of metals like gold, copper and sometimes silver and zinc. Depending on the recipe of metals used in the rose gold alloy, the color of rose gold wedding bands varies from a deep almost copper-red color to a light radiant blush pink. There are 18K, 14K, 10K and 9K rose gold available. These different karat shows the mixture of alloys. Crown gold contains the highest karat of rose gold. It has a mixture of 91.667% gold alloyed with copper. This type of high karat rose gold is typically soft and long-lasting wedding bands are difficult to make.

Rose Gold is an ideal alternative to white gold and platinum. Its soft pink tone adds warmth to its precious metal alloy and pairs well with many different kinds of gemstones. Rose Gold metals project emerging fashion trends to new heights. From fixtures to high-end jewelry. As a consequence, it is preferred by many customers for breaking new grounds to contemporary jewellery designs. We all know ladies love the colour pink. The warmth of rose gold in the pink coppery tones makes this a very feminine pick. But, it fits men's wedding rings at the same time. Moreover, a custom engraving's specific impact adds personality.

Many individuals love rose gold because of its antique and vintage appearance. It is also surprisingly affordable and more durable than the other metals. However, it is often used in place with white gold. White gold rings are usually alloyed with nickel and nickel has a higher resistance to getting a scratch than yellow and rose gold rings, but nickel does have a slight allergic reaction.