It is with great pride that Michael Trio announces itself as one of National Cancer Centre Singapore (NCCS)’s in-kind sponsor for their fundraising dinner “Dine to Make a Difference”.

This dinner will be attended by breast cancer patients, clinicians, scientists, industry captains and top philanthropic donors. The Guest of Honour for this event is the Patron of Breast Cancer Research in Singapore, President Halimah Yacob. Through this dinner, NCCS aims to raise money for the advancement of breast cancer research, improving and innovating breast cancer diagnosis, treatment and prevention.

To be a part of this special occasion, please head to:

In addition to the fundraising dinner, an online Silent Auction will be held for the public to bid for attractive items.

Michael Trio will be sponsoring a Hollow Diamond Outliner Necklace, a jewellery piece fitting for the casual one. Follow this link to bid for our jewellery or other attractive items: