For the first time of our Mother's Day feature, we'll be showcasing siblings!

Here we present Zoe Raymond & Zonia Raymond, otherwise known as @zoeraymondtan and @zoniaraymond, respectively. 



1. What does an average day look like for you?


Answer: Unswaddle Aaron, bring him downstairs to my MIL. Go for an hour of vinyasa practice. Come back, shower. Do some activities with Arielle. Latch Aaron followed by accompany Arielle for her lunch. My helper, Liza, takes on Arielle. She bathes and put her to sleep. Put Aaron down for his nap and I take a nap too. When Arielle wakes, we do more activities together until dinner. Aaron usually sleeps before Arielle, if he does, I will put Arielle to bed too before my dinner. I spend the next 2-3 hours catching up on emails and completing my work.


2. What is the most fulfilling moment of motherhood?


Answer: Their smiles and laughter!


3. It must help to have a close knitted family like yours! Care to share some tips on how to maintain this strong family bond? 


Answer: Meet every week before CB. I think the weekly gatherings and how my parents advocated on family meals (almost every night) and annual holidays helped with this bond. Now we just talk on WhatsApp every day! Video call every other day!




1. What's your most fulfilling moment of motherhood?


Answer: When I see Jamie bubbly and happy! She has been really cheery these days, flashing her smiles generously. It’s like whenever I see her smile, I forget all the fatigue and everything is worth it. :)


2. It must help to have family with motherhood experience! Any advice you wish to share with first time mothers?


Answer: Definitely! I was very lucky to have my sister alongside me during my pregnancy (our EDDs were 3 weeks apart!) Being a first time mom, I had a lot of questions and uncertainties but thankfully, my sister was always there to help and offer advice whenever I needed them. 

I think every new mom needs a strong support system. You may feel very overwhelmed in the first few days post delivery and not know what to do. This is all sooo normal and expected. A gush of emotions and even though you love and am thankful for the arrival of your child, there’s a new sense of worry esp when it comes to feeding. Speak to your husband, your mother, your sister or even your friends. Don't keep it all to yourself. 


3. What is your dream Mothers’ Day celebration?


Answer: Definitely spending time with my family (my parents, my sister’s family and my little family of 3). If not for the current situation, we would definitely spend quality time together, for my parents to play with their grandchildren and have a meal together!