Michael Trio will have a Mother's Day feature with special guests!

Here's our first feature, introducing Yixin, better known as @snnngorious on Instagram!  


1. What is the most fulfilling thing about Motherhood?


Answer: The most fulfilling thing about motherhood is when you first hold on to your newborn after delivery, and the first smile and first hold to your finger. Also, watching your newborn grow everyday makes me feel warmness in my heart.


2. What did you look forward to during Mother's Day?


Answer: It’s my first Mother’s Day with Baby Riley, but I’m looking forward much more to having a great meal with my mom, to appreciate her now because since I have gone through a segment of being a mom, I really feel it is not easy being one!


3a. What are your experiences as a first-time mother?


Answer: Everything is new to me! I was a little overwhelmed and honestly everything is complex, but like many people say, it is a skill and I know I will slowly master it!


3b. As a first-time mother delivering in the midst of COVID-19, are you able to share your experience? 


Answer: I was actually a little worried that my husband might not be allowed in the delivery suite because of certain measurements, but luckily he was allowed to. The hospital I was in was really professional and everything was really safe for both the baby and I. Hence I didn’t worry as much!