On our third Mother's Day feature, Lyn, better known as @lynxling on Instagram, has kindly set aside some of her precious time to share her thoughts with us! 


1. How big of an influence has your Mum had on you growing up?


Answer: She has always been very strong, very hardworking and incredibly tenacious when it comes to taking care of the family. Even though we had a really rough patch while I was growing up due to her style of upbringing, it was really for our own good. She has taught me to be positive, to work hard and that nothing is impossible if I put my heart into it. 


2. What is your dream Mother’s Day?


Answer: To celebrate with her, for many many years to come and for her to be in the pink of health. 


3. What would you like to get for your Mum for Mother’s Day?


Answer: The only thing I would want to get is health, but unfortunately that’s not possible. So I guess the second best would be our company, our time, our attention and love!