Our final Mother's Day Q&A features the lovely Liz, otherwise known as @kylolizy on Instagram!  


1. How big of an influence has your Mum had on you growing up?


Answer: Rather big actually. She is pretty hands-on with everything even though she is a working mom. It helps a lot that she is very involved.


2. As a mother-to-be, do you have an idea of what type of Mother you would want to be?


Answer: I don't have any idea what type of mom I would be yet. But, I'm pretty excited to find out! I would love to be an ideal mom (still figuring out what that is) but it’s definitely no easy task. 


3. What would you like to get for your Mum for Mother's Day?


Answer: A piece of jewellery would be nice! My mom has collected a lot of jewellery since she was a teenager.