From all of us here at Michael Trio, we wholeheartedly wish all Mothers and everyone celebrating a Happy Mother's Day! 

Our sincerest thank you to Yixin, Sheila, Lyn, Zoe, Zonia and Liz for participating in our Mother's Day Q&A. 

Here's a quick summary of our Mother's Day Feature! 


What is the most fulfilling thing about Motherhood?


Answer: The most fulfilling thing about motherhood is when you first hold on to your newborn after delivery, and the first smile and first hold to your finger. Also, watching your newborn grow everyday makes me feel warmness in my heart.

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What is it like juggling work and motherhood?


Answer: I’m still a work in progress when it comes to balancing work and motherhood. I feel that it’s impossible to be a winner at both and that’s ok. If I choose to spend more time with Thad then something at work needs to be sacrificed.


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How big of an influence has your Mum had on you growing up?


Answer: She has always been very strong, very hardworking and incredibly tenacious when it comes to taking care of the family. Even though we had a really rough patch while I was growing up due to her style of upbringing, it was really for our own good. She has taught me to be positive, to work hard and that nothing is impossible if I put my heart into it. 


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It must help to have a close knitted family like yours! Care to share some tips on how to maintain this strong family bond? 


Answer: Meet every week before CB. I think the weekly gatherings and how my parents advocated on family meals (almost every night) and annual holidays helped with this bond. Now we just talk on WhatsApp every day! Video call every other day!


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It must help to have family with motherhood experience! Any advice you wish to share with first time mothers?


Answer: Definitely! I was very lucky to have my sister alongside me during my pregnancy (our EDDs were 3 weeks apart!) Being a first time mom, I had a lot of questions and uncertainties but thankfully, my sister was always there to help and offer advice whenever I needed them. 

I think every new mom needs a strong support system. You may feel very overwhelmed in the first few days post delivery and not know what to do. This is all sooo normal and expected. A gush of emotions and even though you love and am thankful for the arrival of your child, there’s a new sense of worry esp when it comes to feeding. Speak to your husband, your mother, your sister or even your friends. Don't keep it all to yourself. 


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As a mother-to-be, do you have an idea of what type of Mother you would want to be?


Answer: I don't have any idea what type of mom I would be yet. But, I'm pretty excited to find out! I would love to be an ideal mom (still figuring out what that is) but it’s definitely no easy task. 


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