I have been so elated about my recent engagement that a hundred ideas have been bouncing off my head related to my wedding ever since. I never actually thought that the day would come so soon but I cannot be happier to know that I will be spending the rest of my life with my favourite companion, my best friend, soul mate and the true love of my life.

I believe in the deepest of their hearts, my closest girlfriends were as excited about my engagement as I was, and have been looking forward very much to this day. Given their personalities, I thought they would have assumed the “bridesmaid roles” immediately after the engagement (which they had a part to play in as well) so no formal invitation was required. Only a couple of days later, I decided to send each of them an informal whatssap message to ask if they would hop on this crazy adventure with me.

I was close to saying something like, “Now act surprised like you had no idea this was coming”.


Nonetheless, I thought it would be really nice to go out of the way to do something extraordinary for them. After all, this opportunity is presented to me only once in a lifetime. These girls mean the world to me and this is the least I could do for them. Not a single one of them had a clue about what I was planning except for my maid-of-honour, Steph. Steph and I have no secrets with one another, she’d know about every single damn thing I have up my sleeve, including this which I could not hide.

I also shared this crazy lightbulb idea of mine to do an official “Bridesmaids Proposal” with my wedding team– my wedding stylist, Phillane, my wedding planners Clare & Ben and last but not the least, my photographer & videographer, Melvin & Rainer. I am really thankful that they all supported me in a very significant way.

I took about a month to plan the gifts, order the personalised hats & wine glasses online from, get their names embroidered on the Cotton On robes, order and design these custom bracelets from Michael Trio and arrange every nitty gritty detail about the surprise proposal.
Plus, I had a beautifully hand written card by the ever-so-talented Phillane.


I took some time to think about the little quotes/captions I wanted on each of their hats.
After sleeping over it for a week, I managed to come up with the following for each of the girls:

“Hello Sunshine” for my sunshine special friend, Shine; “Out of Office” for Fel, who’s always working so hard; “Beloved One” for Natalie, who’s God’s most beloved one; “Harmoniously Dysfunctional” for Toh, who’s a part of the harmoniously dysfunctional clan consisting of just Babs & myself (we’ll save the story for another time)“Nurse off-duty” for Jan, who’s working as a Nurse; “Meow Meow” for Cel, who’s a huge fan of anything that purrs; and lastly “Let’s be Mermaids” for my maid-of-honour and mermaid bestfriend, Steph, who’s the best mer to my maid.


I also got each of them a silk robe from Cotton On Body in the sweetest blush pink, with their names embroidered at the back. When they arrived at my house, I was over the moon that the workmanship was impeccable and OH.MY.GAWD. the beautiful crochet sleeve details, just LOVE! I’ll save that for the day we all actually wear it together. I promise there will be at least a hundred photos.



Given that I love mermaids and I think I’m a mermaid myself, I got these mermaid themed wine glasses from Etsy, with each of their names on the wine glass! I might actually get the girls to bring them along on the day of the wedding banquet so they can go around toasting with these cute glasses!


Last but not the least, the bracelets from Michael Trio were the highlight of my Bridesmaids’ gift pack.
A girl cannot have enough jewelry, whether it is to wear or to keep. There are a lot of keepsake pieces that I personally own- from my late grandmother, my school teacher, my Steppers’ friends on my 21st birthday and the list goes on, and each of them holds a meaning dear to me. I always believe in buying something precious and something that they can keep for a long time- like gold or diamonds.



I made a trip down to Michael Trio’s Boutique a few weeks back to share some inspirations and ideas with the team for the bracelet which I had in mind. It was incredible to see my sketchy (and somewhat bad) drawing come to life when I picked the bracelets up two weeks later.


I had some inclination of the type of gold (Platinum White, Yellow or Rose) that my girlfriends liked so I while I maintained a homogenous design across all pieces, I picked out each piece for them personally based on the colour of gold that I’d think they’ll wear most.
I also added an infinity charm on each side of the round plate where they had their names engraved, to signify a forever in our relationship. These girls I picked as my bridesmaids have grown up with me, seen me through ups and downs and journeyed with me through the craziest and most fun adventures of my life and I’m sure they’ll continue to do so as I embark on the next phase of my life.






Being able to hand pick and even co-design all these gifts, even to the extent of watching the craftsman work their magic in the workshop, meant the world to me. It made me feel like I had a personal hand in putting together everything. I hope my girlfriends will like the gifts but hey, even if they don’t, could I please get A+ for effort?

Photos by Melvin Lau from Multifolds & James
Videos by Rainer Chia from Multifolds

Love always,