What is an Infinity Ring?

An infinity ring is a spectacular ring design that is usually worn by women. Its design is set on a dainty ring, which is a ring setting that is known for its slick glossy finish. As seen on Michael Trio’s website, their mini infinity dainty ring is the epitome of minimalistic and elegant. https://www.michaeltrio.com/rmdd01-1847-14kr.php

Significance and symbolism of an Infinity Ring

The significance of the eternity ring lies purely in the infinity sign. An infinity sign, most commonly used in mathematics, is widely known to mean never-ending and eternal, both definitions being the perfect significance of love. Thus, an infinity ring would be the ideal present to anyone who’s looking for a heartfelt gift.

Considerations before purchasing

As main considerations for gift ideas go, budget goes in line with the gift’s significance. While this would be the ideal gift for your loved one, finding a reasonably priced one would be the biggest dilemma. If you would like to get an infinity ring that would enhance your loved one’s look, consider getting an infinity ring that is lined with diamonds. Diamonds are widely known to be a female’s best friend, and getting a jewellery that sparkles will definitely raise her happiness two fold. However, diamond jewellery are usually more costly especially from reputable brands like Michael Trio. This is due to the fact that unlike other brands, Michael Trio prioritises the use of natural mini-diamonds, which produces average, if not much better sparkle than stimulant mini-diamonds. No compromises are given throughout the manufacturing of the jewellery. All their jewellery are created with 18K Gold, which is more durable and lasts longer.

Other Considerations to keep in mind

In addition to considering the budget of the jewellery, you should also consider which gold material will fit your loved one better. A Rose Gold infinity ring will look fashionable for a person whose fashion style is simple and minimalistic, while a White Gold infinity ring will be perfect for someone whose daily fashion style leans towards the glamorous and elegant. Their daily lifestyle also plays an essential role in maintaining the true colour of the infinity ring. For example, if they lead an active lifestyle, getting a ring color other than white gold will be advised as their ring may wear out much faster than those living a normal lifestyle. However, the wearing off of a ring is not due to any allergic reaction or the use of poor material. On the contrary, most rings are made with pure gold and rounded off with rhodium. This ensures that the wearer does not have any adverse chemical reactions from wearing the ring. However, everyone is always advised to remove all forms of jewellery prior to any strenuous exercises, as this may wear out the rhodium plating faster than expected. Most jewellery are available in 3 different options, Rose Gold, White Gold and Yellow Gold. The most interesting thing about all jewellery is that any symbol or icon can be recreated and customized, just like the infinity ring. There’s even a more extravagant ring setting that takes inspiration from the infinity logo. An eternity ring is commonly a favourite among women as it is beautifully lined with mini-diamonds through one half of the ring. And, while the significance of both infinity and eternity rings may differ ever so slightly, it remains a jewellery choice that women will love.