Gemstone Ring

There has been a growing trend of gemstone rings being popularized in the modern era as an alternative option for a more traditional diamond engagement ring. Among celebrities who have worn gorgeous gemstone rings, the trend-setter of all must be Princess Diana. Originally mocked by British media as a “commoner’s ring”, it grew in popularity once The Duchess of Cambridge, Kate Middleton, started donning it in 2010. The Blue Sapphire gemstone, in its 12-carat beauty, is stunningly surrounded by 14 mini-diamonds, creating a halo-styled ring design that is as eye-catching as they come. Now, celebrities such as Victoria Beckham, Scarlett Johansson and Katy Perry have been proposed to and are not hesitant in flaunting their engagement gemstone ring.

Some significance in selecting a gemstone ring can be placed in how each gemstone accompanies its respective birth month, each holding different significance and historical importance, otherwise known as birthstones. There are some months that are represented by multiple birthstones, such as October, which lists Tourmaline and Opal due to its availability to the rainbow colour combination. December is considered the most special month, as it has no less than three birthstones: Zircon, Tanzanite and Turquoise. All these birthstones share a common blue tone.

Since there are greater symbolism tied to birthstones, more people are warming to the idea of being proposed with one. As per common considerations before purchasing an engagement ring, one should start by having a budget before deciding on other aspects like the gemstone shape, size and quality preferences.

Generally, gemstones cost less than natural diamonds. So, for the cost-conscious couple, gemstone rings may be more appealing to them, as they’re able to increase a gemstone’s carat weight to make the engagement ring stand out even more. However, it's essential to note that gemstones also have two origins: Natural and Lab-Grown. Gemstones are seen differently from natural diamonds, as inclusions within certain gemstones actually increase its value. Contrastingly, Lab-Grown gemstones cost less because the lack of inclusions deem it less unique.

Sapphire gemstone must be the most commercial gemstone that is known universally. Known as the birthstone of September, it’s colour is versatile enough to be able to convert to other colours of the rainbow spectrum except the colour red. Sapphire is also one of the most durable gemstones on Earth due to its origins, as they develop from mineral corundum, an incredibly tough substance. This makes it a more popular choice for its wearer, as Sapphire gemstones are not as damage-prone compared to less durable gemstones like emerald or ruby.

One exceptional aspect of picking a gemstone ring over a traditional diamond ring is that gemstones look infinitely grandeur with queerer shapes such as oval shape. While diamond rings can come in splendid shapes and sizes, such as our Cauldre Diamond Ring, nothing speaks extraordinary than a mixture of an unique gemstone shape surrounded by mini diamonds, just like the Oval Sapphire with Halo and Pave Diamond Setting in 18k White Gold.

Thus, if you’re considering a distinctive engagement ring that transcends the current trends but hold meaningful connotations to your birthstone, gemstone rings are the way to go!