Diamond Style Guide: Master the Art of Wearing Diamonds

Diamond Style Guide: Master the Art of Wearing Diamonds

From daytime shopping down Orchard Road to enjoying evening theatre at the Marina Bay Sands, diamond jewellery has the versatility and classic appeal to allow you to sparkle and shine through your personal style. Below, we have prepared a guide to assist you in matching your diamond jewellery to your outfits–no matter the occasion and no matter the style!

Office Wear and Casual Outings

Office Wear and Casual Outings

When coming into the office, it’s an expectation that you dress appropriately and professionally, opting for more conservative and polished styles. For men, options such as dress shirts, trousers, and neckties are encouraged; for women, skirt suits, pant suits, blouses, and dresses. Neutral or solid colours are also expected, for a more subtle and muted look. The good news is that diamond jewellery can complement and round out an office fit.


For women, a pair of stud earrings can go a long way towards enriching a work outfit. Classic and understated, studs do a lot to add a sparkle to an outfit without drawing too much attention or overpowering the outfit as a whole. For alternative styling options, small hoops or huggie earrings can also achieve a similar effect, provided that the detailing is not too intricate or flashy for the workplace.

When it comes to casual outings, you have a lot of flexibility with accessorising earrings–everything from studs and hoops to drop earrings are fair game. With casual outing options like these, you give your outfit an opportunity to shine and take centre stage, while your diamond earrings provide a supporting sparkle.


As office wear often exposes only a portion of the neck, you want to use that space wisely and ensure that your necklace is an appropriate length–otherwise, the pendant might not at all be seen! Small chains, as opposed to large loops, are ideal for providing an elegant, yet minimalist look.

In a casual social setting, you should feel free to layer necklaces of varied lengths and styles to create your personal and unique look. For example, you can create a cascading effect by wearing diamond necklaces of increasing length, adding dimension to your neckline.


Bangle bracelets and tennis bracelets are an excellent choice for accessorising wrists with just a touch of culture, as the sleek metal pairs well with the neutral and solid tones of typical office attire.

One benefit of bracelet accessorising is the ability to layer–by combining more than one diamond bracelets, you can create visual depth and interest around your wrist, without being too loud. This can be done in both office settings and casual settings.


For an office setting, solitaire style rings and simple bands make for a beautiful addition to any outfit. As a bonus, wedding rings can be worn in the office–and it makes for a great conversation starter, too!

When you are out with friends, a great way to accessorise rings is by–that’s right–stacking them! Wearing multiple diamond rings may sound flashy, but this can be mitigated by wearing more understated settings, such as with pavé rings or channel set rings. More classic styles such as the versatile solitaire ring can be worn in any occasion, even together with other rings and diamond accessories.

Pairing Accessories Together

Poppy Diamond Set in 18K White Gold

There is no hard and fast rule that says you can not simultaneously combine different accessory types–you can wear bracelets and necklaces together and match your rings to your earrings! There are a few style rules that govern wearing multiple accessories, so it’s important to keep these in mind when you are finalising your look.

For a more visually cohesive look, ensure that your accessories are made from the same metal. For example, if your earrings are white gold, you should pair it with a white gold necklace and white gold bracelets, which makes for a more consistent style across your outfit.

It’s also important to consider the overall colour scheme of your outfit–yellow gold and rose gold tend to match well with warmer tones like yellow, red, or golden undertones. On the other hand, cooler tones–which are blues, violets, and pinks–appreciate platinum and white gold more.

Fancy Colour Diamonds

Fancy Colour Diamonds

While colourless or white diamonds are popular and considered to be the classic and versatile option, fancy colour diamonds offer an opportunity to really personalise your look and express your individuality. For example, matching a green fancy colour diamond to a green dress can make for incredible visual cohesion and interest. In this way, the fancy colour diamond can be the understated centrepiece of your look that brings out the elegance of your outfit.

At the end of the day, jewellery and clothing that make you feel confident and comfortable are crucial steps so that you can be your best self, ready to face the day. When you are in a positive mood, it often translates to more positive outcomes and interactions with others–even if you do not notice!